Field Trips

Pre-school through High School!

Apply classroom learning and practice life skills with professional educators while making lunch! We teach healthy choices, good manners and safe, clean kitchen practices with an age-appropriate approach.

Our 2-hour, hands-on exploration of science in cooking includes do-it-yourself snacks! Make a personal pizza from scratch, decorate a dessert, conduct a kitchen experiment, OR choose a menu to compliment your curriculum!

Experiences include science, math, language arts, history, geography, cultural arts and more.

Pizza & Dessert, $14/child

Specialty Menu & Dessert, $16/child

FREE Teacher meals AND classroom materials!

Comfortably accommodates 60 children, minimum of 20 required. Larger group options available by request. (Please limit 1 adult chaperone per 8 students for safety)

10.25% sales tax will be added as per state regulations. Tax-exempt schools must provide an exemption form.