Cooking Classes

Advanced Cooking Intensive Class

Under the guidance of Culinary Kids staff, led by home cooks, restauranteurs and professional chef,  students ages 10 and up will learn professional food preparation and practice detailed skills and techniques used by certified chefs.

Throughout each three-month session, students will practice topics like knife skills, measurements and conversions, ServSafe food handling practices, herb-spice-ingredient identification, palette expansion, and nutrition. Students will be introduced to specific cooking techniques such as sautéing, braising, broiling, frying, roasting, grilling, baking, stewing and MORE in a detailed practice setting.

Classes will provide a meal for the students each night, which will vary according to the recipe syllabus.

At the end of each full session, parents will have the opportunity to participate in the end of session Celebration Dinner, in which the students decide on a menu, and take one hour to prepare and set the room as a dining space. Parents return with invited guests and are properly served a meal to enjoy with the students. This event showcases their learned skills and celebrates their creativity and confidence in the kitchen. Session award certificates and gifts will also be presented.

Students who do not elect to participate in the event may come and assist the food preparation and meal, but will not receive awards or present their dishes. Their participation will equate to an experience comparable to a normal class night.

Celebration fee of $85 plus tax includes two guest tickets and awards presentation. Additional tickets can be purchased for $25 each plus tax.

Syllabus Topics:

Professional Instruction will cover the following sample topics:

  • Knife skills (ex. chop, julienne, dice, brunoise, batonnet)
  • Bread baking (ex. flatbreads, focaccias)
  • Sauces (ex. beurre blanc, creole, marinaras)
  • Food handling, allergens, dietary restrictions
  • Specific cooking techniques (ex. braising, roasting, searing)
  • Measurements and conversions

Syllabus details will also allow for student input on additional topics that they would like to learn! Techniques and skills will be taught during class, but to truly benefit, students must PRACTICE the skills at home to create necessary muscle memory and improve the skills. Practicing will help them create a STRONG foundation of habit and knowledge.

Mondays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Ages 10- 18
Limited to only 15 students per session

What To Bring:

Binders - Each student must bring a three-ring binder to hold study material and recipes provided during class. Students bring these home to enjoy, and then bring back with them when they return for the next class.

Chef Knife & Board - A standard chef’s knife and chopping board will be used each class. If you do not have one, at the first class we will provide advice needed to make the purchase or choose from what you have at home.

Knife Roll - To carry knives safely

The above items can be ordered and purchased through Culinary Kids for your convenience.


Hair must be pulled back neatly, and students are required to wear closed-toe shoes.

We offer professional grade chef coats (with optional personalization and embroidery) at a fee of $59.00, or $49.00 (without embroidery), plus tax. Personalized chef wear takes 1-3 weeks to arrive. Chef hats are also available for purchase at $15.00, plus tax.


Monthly rate - $165 per month (4 classes) 
Drop In Rate - $45 plus tax to try the class
Tuition is due by the start of the first class.

Absence / Cancellation Policy:

If a student has a planned absence, staff must be notified no less than three (3) business days prior to the absence to adjust food supplies. If this notification is provided, a tuition credit may be applied. The credit can be used towards class, or the value can be transferred for use toward any other program, based on availability.

We understand that last minute absences sometimes occur. Should a last-minute absence occur, it is our policy to retain 30% of the fee from the missed class, in order to cover pre-purchased supply costs and office management duties. The credit balance can be applied to future programs.

Refunds are not offered. Thank you for understanding.