Even Super-Woman Capes Go to the Cleaners...Sometimes

Even Super-Woman Capes Go to the Cleaners...Sometimes

Sure, why not?!

OF COURSE I can start a new business while I’m pregnant with my fourth boy. It couldn’t be that hard to dedicate every waking moment (nauseous or not) to planning how to staff it, develop it, finance it and sustain it. I LOVE the concept. This will be FINE! I can work it out between soccer practice, piano lessons and 2nd grade homework and still find time to take regular showers and wash my hair! I will be fulfilled, reaching my potential as business-owner, wife and mother. I can juggle with my husband’s odd work hours. I was a Military Wife! (flex muscles here).

Ever view the world through the fabric tint of your Super-Woman Cape flapping across your face amid the whirlwind of family life?

I’ve been responsible for much more. I knew I could balance between family and business...AS LONG AS I was smart about lining up support for the days when the “cape” was at the cleaners.